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Buyer Beware - Inkfruit
I get so many marketing emails from Inkfruit these days, I finally got irritated and decided to write about my not-so-delightful experience buying from them.

I got 2 t-shirts - one round neck, and one polo, both XXL. They arrived quickly - however, the polo was clearly smaller than the round neck. When I called up their department of customer "delight" (so named at that time), I got my first shock when the dude told me that polos are always smaller. WTF?? Can't you put that up on your site? He then promptly asked me to return it for a refund - however, when I protested that I had to pay the courier charges, I got a verbal promise that they would refund the amount.

So, I returned the polo, and waited for the refund. And waited. And waited. After around 4 weeks, I noticed a credit in my bank account, but it was less than the cost of the polo - and there was no hint of the return charges. So, I once again called our purveyors of "delight", and asked them what's up with both. As expected, their first reflex was to not accept the cockup, and their next was to try and bug the crap out of me (to dissuade me, perhaps)? I had to send them the NEFT transaction id, but no, that didn't suffice, so I had to send them the actual transaction details from my bank account, and another 2 weeks or so later, the delta cost was refunded. Without any acknowledgement of incompetence or apology. Still no refund for the cost of shipping back their defective product.

So, Inkfruit morons, I shall pass on the "delight" via this blog post.