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Bing Ads api bug report
I'm having trouble using the bing ads api, and I had complained (loudly) via Twitter. I had already noticed, shall we say, certain egregious errors in their docs. In response, their customer support folks had asked me to email the errors I had noticed to them. Surprise, surprise!! The email address I was asked to send to is apparently "protected" and bounced with the message" Your message can't be delivered because delivery to this address is restricted. "

W T F??? So, here goes, Bing Ads, these are the errors I noticed in your "documents".

  1. The getting started page talks about the headers which are supposed to be sent with every request. Just above the section on required headers, there is a disclaimer that only AuthenticationToken must be used instead of username and password. So which auth header is supposed to be used?? And why is username/password there in the docs if it's not being used??

  2. The link to the getting started video refers to the v8 api, and uses username/pasword instead of oauth.

  3. The examples for python all refer to v8, not v9. Further, they all hand craft the soap xml! And, of course, the 2-3 ones I tried don't work.

  4. This example again uses username/password instead of AuthenticationToken. It also doesn't work. It also uses a namespace for the auth tokens xmlns:cus="https://adcenter.microsoft.com/api/customermanagement" whereas the "getting started" link doesn't mention any such namespace.

I didn't have the patience to try beyond this. I'm frankly shocked that even the "getting started" section is so replete with errors. I don't know if people even use this  api, and if Bing is serious about supporting an api??