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On Aadhaar and biometrics
I recently read this article criticizing Aadhaar and the UIDAI, and why it's evil. Without much verification of what's said, here's my tl;dr summary (with some comments)

  1. Aadhaar has no statutory backing. (Does that mean it's illegal?)

  2. Biometrics form the basis for "identity" in Aadhaar

  3. Collection and storage of biometrics is done without any security safeguards in place

    1. There is no verification that your biometrics were tampered with on collection? Can your identity be stolen this way?

    2. If anybody's fingerprints are available so easily, are use of fingerprints as part of criminal investigative procedure negated??

  4. Use of aadhaar for many interactions a citizen has with a government - and private providers - can enable the government to easily track your every move. But how's it different than any other type of id?

  5. The article claims that civil rights are being garrotted because the government is collecting biometrics. I am unable to understand how, though!

  6. Further, the article claims that individual rights are being impinged by the collection of biometrics. Again, I fail to understand the connection.

I am wary of the collection of biometrics because of the lack of safety and safeguards around their misuse. Also, the SC has recently ruled against the mandatory requirement of Aadhaar by the state to provide *any* service.

It seems clear to me that collecting biometrics has sufficient dangers, with insufficient benefits. However, I'm still ambivalent about the need for a universal Indian id. Unfortunately, I think that the article muddies the issue, instead of making a clear and lucid case against biometrics and Aadhaar.